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Dr J MEMORIAL ACADEMY DrJ memorial academy aims at promoting the progress and upholding the root of science in pure and applied branches. With the objective to maneuver behind the wheel of our philosophy bearing on the route to our mission all our efforts shall remain focused to achieve uncompromising success in establishing standard education […]

PANCHAKARMA Panchakarma is a holistic rejuvenation therapy and is not just an oil massage, as it is widely believed. The three stages of Panchakarma therapy . Panchakarma is always performed in three stages –  1.Purva Karma (pre-treatment), 2.Pradhana Karma (primary treatment) 3.Paschat Karma (post-treatment). The patient who opts for any one of the five therapies […]

Modern science through improved sanitation, vaccination, and antibiotics, and medical attention has eliminated the threat of death from most infectious diseases. This means that death from lifestyle diseases like heart disease and cancer are now the primary causes of death. Everybody naturally has to die of something, but lifestyle diseases take people before their time. […]

Yoga Treatment

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Yoga Treatment In Siddha The Siddha system included not only medicine and alchemy but also yoga and philosophy. Yoga literally means union. It is the means by which is obtained omniscience and the power of achieving and controlling mighty things. It is an applied science, a systemised collection of laws applied to bring abut a […]

Varmam is a special science prescribed by our Siddhars like AGATHIYAR, BOGAR and THERAIYAR. Tamil Nadu happened to be the bedrock of very rare fine arts which no other country in the world could boast of. According to the Varmam texts, like “Odi Murivu Sari Nool”, there are 108 varmam points in our body i.e., […]

Providing the human body with enough powers and strong immune system has given a new definition and another goal for Siddha medicine. Siddhars stressed more that the body can be made as strong as a stone-KAAYAKARPAM, and this is a way it can resist all kinds of diseases. MUPPU – with high potency possessing marvelous […]


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Eczema, one of the most common skin conditions, is an inflammation of the outer layer of skin which, in the early stages, may be red, blistered, swollen, weeping, and extremely itchy. It is a non contagious disease affects any age group and becomes severe day-by-day, if not treated. The surface of the skin may become […]

MEGHANOI– Sexually transmitted diseases & AIDS Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections that can be transferred from one person to another through any type of sexual contact. Sexual contact includes kissing, oral-genital contact, vaginal and anal intercourse. The infection can be transmitted from contact with the ulcer which teems with spirochetes. Similarly, if the ulcer […]

Diabetes is a common chronic ailment for which the patient has to take insulin to maintain the blood sugar level. Allopathic drugs, Insulin injections and all other Medicines available for Diabetes can only control the level of sugar in blood stream and Moreover they have enormous side effects and lead to numerous allergies and cause […]


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Psoriasis (Kaalanjaga padai) is a chronic, recurrent, inflammatory skin disease of idiopathic origin. It is characterized by well-circumscribed erythematous, most commonly appears as inflamed swollen skin lesions (dry elevated of various sizes), covered with silvery white scale. Psoriasis typically appears on elbows, knees and scalp, but it can also arise on your lower back, buttocks, palms, soles and genital […]