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PANCHAKARMA Panchakarma is a holistic rejuvenation therapy and is not just an oil massage, as it is widely believed. The three stages of Panchakarma therapy . Panchakarma is always performed in three stages –  1.Purva Karma (pre-treatment), 2.Pradhana Karma (primary treatment) 3.Paschat Karma (post-treatment). The patient who opts for any one of the five therapies […]

Yoga Treatment

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Yoga Treatment In Siddha The Siddha system included not only medicine and alchemy but also yoga and philosophy. Yoga literally means union. It is the means by which is obtained omniscience and the power of achieving and controlling mighty things. It is an applied science, a systemised collection of laws applied to bring abut a […]

Varmam is a special science prescribed by our Siddhars like AGATHIYAR, BOGAR and THERAIYAR. Tamil Nadu happened to be the bedrock of very rare fine arts which no other country in the world could boast of. According to the Varmam texts, like “Odi Murivu Sari Nool”, there are 108 varmam points in our body i.e., […]