Eczema, one of the most common skin conditions, is an inflammation of the outer layer of skin which, in the early stages, may be red, blistered, swollen, weeping, and extremely itchy. It is a non contagious disease affects any age group and becomes severe day-by-day, if not treated. The surface of the skin may become more sensitive, moist and crusty if these blisters burst, or when scratching damages the skin. Later, usually after much scratching by the patients, it becomes crusted, scaly, and thickened. Atopic dermatitis is often worse in the folds of the skin where the limbs bend. The itch is intense, but scratching only makes the symptoms worse.

Eczema is considered to be hereditary. Eczema in adults could be a recurring chronic condition, which the person may have to live with throughout life. Hence, it can be said that eczema is one of the most prevalent skin problems in the world today. Studies reveal that a person is prone to eczema if his family has a history of closely linked conditions like respiratory disorder and asthma. It also occur to person with poor immune system, poor digestive system.

Common causes are seafood, flour, chicken, some fruits and vegetables and latex gloves.Common irritants include handling foods, hand washing, dishwashing detergents and sweating when wearing gloves. Common causes for food handlers are garlic and onions. Inhaling tobacco smoke (passive smoker) during pregnancy and breast feeding results in developing allergig eczema in infants. Stress is also related with eczema flare-ups. Extreme emotions like anger and shock must be avoided.

Uniqueness of Our Treatment:
Eczema is a body constitutional disease. Its cause is deep-seated within the body. Hence external medications are not effective in eczema. With such medications, the outer symptoms may disappear, but the underlying cause remains. SIDDHA attempts at curing eczema from its root cause. The method used is an elaborate process to purify the blood of the individual. As the bloodstream has become contaminated by negative toxins it needs to be purged, in order so it can be cleansed and become pure again. This provides immense relief to the itchy pains.

Perhaps your dermatologist prescribed you with antibiotics, steroids or lotions that did nothing and want a solution that heals your eczema in just days-siddha medicines are the only remedy. Eradicate Your Eczema within 21 days Guaranteed to Heal ‘Worst Case’ Skin Problems. Watch as the skin heals faster than any other treatment, Even if you have become resistant to the healing effects of other eczema treatment ointments.

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