Siddha Hospital

We Agathiyar Hospital are best siddha hospital In Chennai we cure all type of diseases like cancer, diabetes, psoriasis, migraine headache, kidney stone, knee pain, back pain, neck pain, male infertility, female infertility, PCOS, AIDS, Sexual diseases, and many more..,

For diabetic patient within 15 days of our medicine intake you can feel the drastic change in your health status. And also we provide medicine for AIDS which is the only way to cure & live a prosperous life even as an AIDS patients.

Traditional SIDDHA Medicine views health as a state of being in which body, mind and spirit interact harmoniously, in balance of three doshas namely VATHAM, PITTHAM & KABHAM. Also the core concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine stresses the concept of balance in healing. Qi (energy), a biological force inside the body regulates the function of the vital organs. Qi (which is yang) and fluids (which are yin) circulate and nourish the body along a series of connecting pathways called meridians. We aim to bring ultimate health to the people of all socio economic groups with holistic approach by using traditional siddha medicine and classical Chinese acupuncture.

Through Acupuncture we will cure all type headaches like migraine, one-side .., and also neck pain, back pain will also get cured by acupuncture treatment.

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