Every woman’s life is filled with some sort of stress and emotional pressure. Menstrual problem and uterine disorders are very common today. Ovarian cyst is one among them, which need medical care. An ovarian cyst is any collection of fluid, surrounded by a very thin wall, within an ovary. PCOS happens when a woman’s ovaries produce  high levels of male hormones. PCOS isa condition characterized in many patients by “Polycystic” ovaries (multiple tiny ovarian cysts), lack of normal ovulation (anovulation) and elevated amount of male hormones (androgens) manifesting in hirsutism (excessive hair growth), often associated with obesity and insulin resistance (affecting about 50% of women with PCOS). High insulin level (insulin resistance) triggers excess male hormone production by the ovaries, interfering with normal egg production and preventing pregnancy. This creates an imbalance in all of her hormones, which can impede egg production. Cysts can then form in the ovaries, causing a decrease or stoppage in ovulation.

Types of cysts:

All of the following conditions are noncancerous and a woman may develop one or more of them.

1. Follicular cyst: This type of simple cyst can form when ovulation doesn’t occur, and a follicle doesn’t rupture or release its egg but instead grows until it becomes a cyst, or when a mature follicle involute (collapses on itself).

2. Corpus lutetium cyst: This type of functional cyst occurs after an egg has been released from a follicle.

3. Hemorrhagic cyst: This is also called a blood cyst, hematocele, and hematocyst.

4. Dermoid cyst: This is an abnormal cyst that usually affects younger women and may grow upto 7 inches in diameter. It is a type of benign tumor sometimes referred to as mature cystic teratoma.

5. Chocolate cyst or Endometrial cyst: This is caused by endometriosis, formed by a tiny patch of endometrial tissue.

6. Poly cystic-appearing ovary: Poly cystic-appearing ovary is diagnosed based on its enlarged size – usually twice that of normal – with small cysts present around the outside of the ovary. This condition can be found in women with endocrine disorder (hormonal imbalance).

Most common symptom heaviness, pressure, swelling, or bloating in the abdomen, Irregular periods, Constant or intermittent pain in the pelvis, Breast tenderness during beginning or end of menstrual period. Several conditions are associated with this diagnosis, including infertility (as a result of a lack of normal ovulation), bleeding problems, increased facial hair growth (hirsutism) and acne (due to increased male hormone levels), increased risk of uterine and possibly breast cancer and increased risk of obesity. Untreated women with PCOS, especially those with insulin resistance, have three times the risk of diabetes and seven times the risk of heart disease compared with women without PCOS. Even with hormone treatment, many patients were not getting regular menses, and the bleeding is very scanty.

About 95% of ovarian cysts are not cancerous. Though PCOS is neither a malignant disorder nor a LIFE THREATENING PROBLEM, a period of 4 months will be needed for TREATMENT.

Specially made Siddha- Herbal medicines along with Chinese Acupuncture help to recovery from the problem of hormonal imbalance thereafter-menstrual cycles became normal and all hormone therapy can be stopped. Acupuncture may also help rebalance the body’s systems and increase blood flow to the reproductive organs, which restores ovarian function.

The clinical symptoms like pain in the abdomen and fullness in the abdomen will subside in the first 14 days of the treatment. The patient gets almost a normal menstrual flow during the course of treatment. Even Surgical corrections like Hysterectomy or Oophorectomy in PCOS patients, is not needed or given up, when the exact condition is thoroughly analyzed by investigations. The DIGITAL ULTRA SONOGRAM scanning report before and after treatments are documented in all of the patients. The success rate for ovarian cyst patients in our Siddha treatment is more than 90%.

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  • Hi, my close friend is suffering severe because of chocolate cyst . Kindly suggest treatment for her

  • Hi I’m having polycystic ovarian cysts (PCOS)
    How long the treatment will take…?
    I want to become pregnant…
    Wat is the cost of the treatment?

  • Hello sir,
    I am saranya i am 25 yrs old, i got chocolate cyst removed from my left ovary with mild adhesions 2 yrs ago, i was then given injections,i got married & moved to usa,i was taking birth control pills, followed strict diet,practised rigorous yoga,i then took scan which showed clear ovaries, i stopped pills and tried for baby in aug,i am 8 weeks pregnant now,confirmed through blood/urine test,my first ultrasound scan is on oct 24,i had dark brown mucous discharge in 6th week and taking full bed rest, for the past two days i m having mild cramps on either side of my lower abdomen,short span though, i stopped yoga so my belly is again bloated and seen,i m worried if it will be an ectopic pregnancy, chocolate cyst reccured or if my egg quality is low which will lead to chromosomal abnormalities,miscarriage or still birth of baby, i want to get rid of chocolate cyst,hormonal imbalance and endometriosis once for all,should stop their recurrence,is there anything that you could do with siddha for my case.

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