Arthritis is a disease of the joints, with terrible pain, aching, stiffness and swelling over the affected joints. ACUPUNCTURE ARTHRITIS PAIN RELIEF treatment is not limited to joint pain but it can result in powerful pain relief even for chronic inflamed joints.

In Siddha, the arthritis patient is analyzed first and based on the symptoms varied treatments are offered. Herbal
oils, plant herb medication, mild exercises, balanced diet and a tension free lifestyle are provided to cleanse the body systems. Acupuncture has been used for arthritis pain relief in traditional Chinese medicine for many thousands of years and now many other medical specialists apply acupuncture’s benefits to a variety of diseases. Acupuncture points used for arthritis pain relief may be quite a way distant from the affected joint – usually called as distal points. The acupoints” also be stimulated with local heat and will burn a small amount of a Chinese herb called moxa on the end of the needle called moxibustion.

Manual pressure (acupressure) or VARMA treatment also is useful when combined with standard medical care. Such stimulation causes multiple biologic responses in the muscles; spinal cord and brain that releases the body’s
natural pain-killing endorphins, and can also affect circulation and other bodily systems.

Endorphins and bradykinins are the body’s own natural painkillers and anti-inflammatory agents respectively. The Chinese medicine believes that inserting acupuncture needles along the line of the “blocked meridian” will release the dammed up “chi” energy and thus relieve the pain and improves flexibility of the joints. There’s enough research to suggest acupuncture relieves pain, and that it is safe when performed by a trained professionals– so well in one Scandinavian study that 25 percent of patients previously scheduled for knee surgery canceled their plans….

Unlike other therapies, the Siddhars have evolved a unique approach in which they do not treat a particular disease. Instead, we treat the complete body as a whole by working on the basic humors that maintains the healthy status of the body. Therefore, along with the arthritis, other diseases are also eliminated, which as a result renders the resistance to all the chronic diseases.

Therefore, the immunity also rises very strongly. Hence arthritis is easily curable even in chronic stages. If you suffer from joint pain then do consider trying ACUPUNCTURE ARTHRITIS PAIN RELIEF treatment could give pain relief that you have been longing for. In regard to all the varied circumstances and final effects, Siddha is considered to be the best way to free the body from the excruciating experiences that one undergoes with the upheaval of the arthritis pain.