Climacteric syndrome refers to a series of symptoms caused by disorders of the endocrine system and vegetative nervous system due to hypofunction of ovary in climacteric women.

In TCM, it is called syndrome of before and after menopause or zangzao (hysteria). It is publicly recognized among medical experts that, the climacteric period begins from 41 years old and will last for 5- 10 years.

During this transitional period, among 70-90% females, irregular menstruation will be induced because of declined ovary functions and decreased estrogen level, at the same time, a syndrome mainly displayed as functional disorder of autonomic nerve accompanying psychological symptoms will appear, and this is the climacteric syndrome. The disease often occurs in the women at the age of 45 – 55 and relieved in few years or more.

Climacterium is a complicated biological process with versatile symptoms associated with the gradual dying out of the hormonal activity of ovaries on the background of a general aging of the woman. It is a psychological process with duration from two to more years, most often at the age of 40-55. The visible manifestation is the cessation of menstruation – advancing of menopause.

When women enter climacteric period, the ovaries will shrink gradually and the ovary function will decline, and the estrogen secreted by ovary will drop greatly. The initial period of gradual dying out of ovarian function, known as pre-menopause is with various duration in individual women.

A disorder of the cyclic activity of hypothalamic-hypophyseal axis with predomination of parasympathicus occurs on the background of age readjustment of the central nervous system. Various neuro-vegetative symptoms, neuro-psychic disorders, metabolic changes etc. are observed during climacterium. Hypothalamic reactivity is intensified leading to the increase of the production of hypophysiotropic hormones.

The ovulatory activity of ovaries declines and the receptive function versus hormones partially fades. The reduced production of ovarian hormones leads to a compensatory effect (growth) of gonadotrophic hormones. On its part, that however is the cause of hyperthyroidism, virilization, acromegalic manifestations etc.

Common symptoms of climacteric syndrome are restlessness, vexation, irritability, dizziness, sleeplessness, depression, palpitation, perspiration, gradual corpulence, irregular menstruation, small menstrual blood volume, amenorrhea, decreased sexual function, dry vagina, urinary urgency and abnormal sensation in the skin, etc.

The clinical symptoms of that age of the woman are endocrine changes, metabolic changes in hepatic function and disturbances in locomotor apparatus, miction disturbances, weight gain, hot flushes, etc. In addition, it can easily cause many serious diseases such as hypertension, coronary diseases, cerebral thrombosis, diabetes mellitus, breast cancer, endometrial cancer, ovarian cancer, etc. So this period is also called as “high incidence period of serious diseases”.

In some of the women, the above mentioned phenomena proceed particularly aggravated and in fact they are the object of the present study. Among them, the group of the so-called postcastration climacterium is rather special phenomena, occurring after surgical removal of ovaries due to various reasons.

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