Diabetes is a common chronic ailment for which the patient has to take insulin to maintain the blood sugar level. Allopathic drugs, Insulin injections and all other Medicines available for Diabetes can only control the level of sugar in blood stream and Moreover they have enormous side effects and lead to numerous allergies and cause complications.

Using Siddha System, Diabetes can be controlled and maintained without any side effect. It is very interesting to see Siddha Medicine combined with yogasana tackles this problem.

This combined treatment corrects the function of pancreas, stimulating it to produce insulin in the natural way, which in turn maintains the blood sugar level.

Siddha Medicine doesn’t react adversely with allopathic. For e.g., if the patient is on allopathic medicines for diabetes, he can continue that while taking Siddha Medicine.

If the sugar level gets reduced then the dosage of the tablets and injection can be reduced, according to sign and symptoms of the situation. 

Herbal insulin sensitizers promote efficient intra cellular glucose utilization probably through intra cellular signaling mechanisms, without any side effect.

As Siddha Medicine rejuvenates the pancreas and it starts secreting insulin normally, finally the allopathic medicine can be stopped.

Herbs of Siddha medicine control blood sugar without any harmful side effects and also give the patient, strength and well-being. For Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitus (IDDM – Type I), our herbal medicines has effective role in decreasing the amount of Insulin.

Blood glucose monitoring test is done by checking the glucose content of a small drop of blood on a regular basis and will inform the patients how well diet, medicine, yoga and exercise are working together to control diabetes.

Long-term goals of treatment are to rejuvenate pancreatic cells, reduce and prevent diabetes-related complications such as blindness, kidney failure, and amputation of limbs.

By the virtue of anti hyperlipidemic action and antioxidant property our herbal medicines are cardio protective too.

In some cases, Siddha Medicine will bring about immediate effect, whereas in other cases, results start showing within 24 hours. Once the problem is solved, patient can stop the medication and he will be free from it for his lifetime, as given in siddha medical texts.

Therapeutic yoga asana (postures) taught to the patients will also re-energize the Pancreatic cells and to be practiced everyday.

 Type 2-DM is mostly due to diet and life style change, environmental change, decreased
physical activity.
 Increase trends towards obesity, unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyle.
 Diabetes is responsible for over 1 million amputations each year.
 Worldwide blindness due to diabetic retinal disease.
 Largest cause of kidney failure in developed country and responsible for huge dialysis cost.
Diabetes is the major cause of premature death worldwide.