HIV/AIDS is an important public health problems in India and all the time more spreading through opportunistic infections, unsafe sex among Indians. AIDS (Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome) results from infection by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), a retrovirus which binds to CD4+ (helper) T-lymphocytes and exerts cytopathic effects on them leading to profound depletion. Recently in 2021, WHO reported that 38 million people across the world living with HIV infection. The striking depletion of T-helper lymphocytes seen in AIDS means that patients are unable to mount antibody responses to new antigens and exhibit a marked reduction in cytokine synthesis which in turn affects macrophage function and hemopoietic growth and differentiation. Impaired macrophage function defect in body immune reactivity give rise to opportunistic infections like Herpes simplex virus. Endothelial infection by Herpes
simplex virus leads to increased synthesis and expression of glycoprotein C which can act as a binding site for Factor X and initiate blood coagulation.

In the past decades, because of cross-resistance, complications and adverse effects with conventional ART, AIDS patients have been in search of Traditional Siddha therapy. Many HIV patients turn to Siddha system of medicine because traditional medicine is being clinical proved by many researchers in the past three decades. High potency and quality siddha medicines are effective in complete regression of any HIV associated complications. Responsive clinical study and therapeutic evaluation of Siddha medicines can enhance immunity to reduce infections and combat other infections in HIV and HSV patients.

Uniqueness of our treatment:
Long-term siddha treatment delays disease progression, reduces co-morbidity and enhances the quality of life of AIDS patients. According to Siddha classical Texts, the main treatment strategies in siddha therapy for AIDS/ HIV infection is to neutralize the MEGHAVETTAI or VETTAIMEGHAM. The overall health status of the patients has improved markedly with increase in hemoglobin, promotes CD4 and CD8 levels.

The integration of siddha medicines and modern medicine in treating HIV patients has become a viable idea now a days. Our special Siddha Medicine comprises combined extracts of 47 ingredients of plant and mineral origin, which inhibit the enzymatic activities of HIV with improvements CD4 cell counts. Many
siddha herbs have been screened for anti-HIV activity that possess potent inhibitory activity against HIV and increases immunity power in many patients. To increase the effect of Siddha medicines, a special diet regime will be given to gain physical and mental health. The role of nutritious diet in the treatment of HIV infection contributes immune restorative effect that increases body weight moderately.

In a case study, an AIDS patient with diabetic wound was rejected for surgical procedure by modern doctors, was successfully treated with high potency siddha medicines to achieve complete wound healing in our hospital.