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Infertility is not sterility. Infertility is defined as a couple’s failure to conceive a child after one year of regular sexual intercourse without birth control.

Infertility may also refer to the biological inability of a man or a woman to contribute to conception. There are many biological causes of infertility, some which may be treated with siddha medicine.

One of the major causes of male infertility is a low sperm count. Male fertility screening is done through semen analysis.

An average sperm count is 90 million or more sperm per milliliter. Oligospermia is the term used to describe the condition when the sperm count is low.

If there are no sperm at all in the semen sample, the condition is termed azoospermia. The general rule is that the lower the sperm count and the poorer the sperm quality, the longer it will take and the more difficult it may be for a pregnancy to occur.

However, even men with very low sperm counts may eventually be successful in causing a pregnancy.

A count of at least 40 to 60 million is thought to be necessary for fertilization; when the count is less than 20 million, , there is often little more that can be done to increase it.

After analyzing the patient’s clinical history we treat them according to the underlying cause. Discussions and counseling relieve tension and increase self-confidence.

A woman may be infertile because of a variety of conditions. It may be releasing an egg each month in about 25 percent of all cases of female infertility.

The fallopian tubes (through which the eggs travel on their way from the ovaries to the uterus) may be obstructed, often as a result of pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), which irritates the tubes and causes scar tissue to form.

PID can develop as a reaction to an STD or an infection of the lower reproductive tract. Siddha medicine were separately prepared for each patient according to their complaints and we have treated a lot of cases they all got 99%improvement in their condition.

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability of a male to attain or maintain an erection of penis during sexual act. Premature ejaculation, the most common form of sexual dysfunction in men, often is due to anxiety performance during sex. We are treating all male sexual disorders successfully, with specially made Siddha medicines.