Kidney Stones (Renal calculi or Nephrolithiasis in medical terminology) are formed from biochemical in the kidney during the formation of urine. Urinary calculi may occur in any part of the kidney, ureter or urinary bladder, but mostly in the kidney. These stones can be tiny and pass from the kidney with the urine, or sometimes large enough to caught in the kidney or urinary tract, causing severe pain. The size of the stone, location, and number are the major factors in determining treatment. There are several types of kidney stones based on the type of crystals.

Kidney stones made of Calcium Oxalate represent over 80% of all types of kidney stones. Clinical diagnosis is usually made on the basis of the location and severity of the pain, which is typically colicky in nature (comes and goes in spasmodic waves). Pain in the back occurs when calculi produce an obstruction in the kidney. Sometimes, the pain can also radiate or move down through the pelvis to the groin and genitals such as the testicles in males. This is because the fifteen nerves supplied in the kidney establish communications between renal plexus, celiac plexus and spermatic plexus that experience the occurrence of pain in testis in renal affection. The diagnosis of a kidney stone can be confirmed by ultra-sonogram studies, urine tests and blood tests are also performed.It is really easy to dissolve kidney stones by siddha medicine without surgery.

Causes: Siddha literatures and research suggests that Food consumption beyond the energy need during
decreased basal metabolism can also cause stagnation in the kidney leads to renal stones. Small
intestine diseases increase the risk for oxalate stones. When the crystals in the urine integrate over weeks or month, it transforms into stones. People who do not drink enough water (less than one liter) for the day are prone to develop Renal calculi. People with repeated urinary tract infections are prone to develop struvite stones. Certain allopathic medicines used for longer period can affect the kidney and also causes nephrolithiasis in both male and female. Renal stones or blockage can be diagnosed by ultrasound or abdominal CT scan.

Uniqueness of our Treatment
Get rid of kidney stones painlessly without scar, using a safe, effective, natural and time tested proven remedy. A natural herbal decoction formulated on the scientific concept helps to dissolve the stone or makes it small enough like sand particles, so that body can spontaneously remove those fragments (calculi) from the kidneys.

The natural herbal decoction has phyto-constituents like quinolone derivatives, bioflavonoids, glycosides, tannins and several micronutrients help to tone up the functioning of kidneys, urinary bladder and even the prostate gland. The diuretic action of alkaloids in the herbal decoction able to increase the amplitude of the ureteral peristalsis wave, and increase the urinary flow so as to move the stones downward in the urine.

Most kidney stones (80%) of calcium oxalate type that are less than 5mm in transverse diameter easily dissolve in 20 days treatment. Our herbal remedy has also worked for patients with multiple stones and larger stones up to 1.2cm in 40 days. (Please note that the 40 days time is a rough estimation). But we have always seen positive results. Our prescription restores antilithotic enzymes in the kidney and also regulates the crystalloid colloid imbalance in the body. Our treatment aims to re-establish system balance and Prevents recurrence of Renal stones for the rest of life….

Note: Renal stones outside the kidney (urinary tract) cannot be treated with herbal medicines and Ureteroscopy may be the choice of treatment for unilateral obstructive uropathy or stones in the ureter or urinary bladder.