Varmam is a special branch of Siddha Medical discipline prescribed by our Siddhars like AGATHIYAR, BOGAR and THERAIYAR. Tamil Nadu happened to be the bedrock of very rare fine arts which no other country in the world could boast of. Many foreigners owing deep respect to varmam therapy and resurgence of this impeccable science takes place now a days.

According to the Varma texts, like “ODI MURIVU SARI NOOL“, there are 108 Varmam points in our body namely, 12 PADU VARMAM + 96 THODU VARMAM. According to “NARAMBU VAKADA CHOOTHIRA THIRAVUKOL” literature there are 72000 narambugal, 4448 mudichugal, 96 thathuvam, 64 kalaigal. It says the human body both the physical and the subtle is made up of 72,000 naadi or nerves and six Core Chakras (vital centres) along our body spine.

Chakras have the ability to receive, assimilate and transmit energy. Prana being the basic energy of life acts as functional unit of varmam. The Prana force or vital current of bioelectrical energy flows all over the body through the specific Naadis. The subtle body and the chakras are also connected to the Naadis or energy channels that run along the physical body.

Varmam points are the specific spots where pranic energy emanates and stay with diverse concentrations. A varmam is a spot where the VAASI – life force is transient inside human body. If it is traumatically injured with a certain force, various abnormal signs and symptoms develop according to the injury spot or point. Injuries to varma points may lead to loss of consciousness, fatigue and convulsions.

Only with proper varmam treatment, we can bring them back to the normal state by knocking the particular spots (Adangal). Varmam science described the various kinds of breakages which occur in the body and their cures.

Varmam Kanji, Varmam Medicine, and Varmam oils are the special features of Varmam Medical Science and they play vital roles in curing many diseases of living things. When the energy body is healed, the physical body gets healed in the process. Our Siddhas discovered this wonderful art, to enrich human life.