World health organization declared liver diseases as a global health issue. Approximately 25 percent of adult population is affected with Liver disease worldwide, Fatty liver is a cardiovascular risk factor, also linked to Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity and other metabolic diseases.

The prevalence of Fatty liver disease is rising among children in the recent years. Paracetamol- induced liver damage is also increasing in recent times. Among liver diseases, NAFLD- Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is alarmingly increasing due to consumption of more processed and fried foods in adolescents. Alcoholic hepatitis is also the most common now a days and is most often diagnosed by findings include redness of palm, ascites, skin itching and elevated AST & ALT.

Most of the Liver diseases shows less or no symptoms at earlier stages, but suddenly dreadful hepatitis signs that may be diagnosed with irreversible damage to the liver. Entire metabolic and immune functions in the body is possible only through healthy liver. The liver is responsible in support of lipid metabolism and make protein for Blood. TCM views Liver as storage organ for blood and regulate vital energy. More than 502 vital metabolic activities are handled by the liver in human body and therefore it is known as multifunctional organ. Detoxification of Toxins are done by the liver is a key consideration in Traditional medicine.

The frequently skipping breakfast or eating too much, Poor water intake, Excessive consumption of alcohol, Overuse of allopathic medications, Toxic chemicals in processed food, Fatty food made of degraded cooking oil, makes the liver to diffuse Hepatic cells leading to shrinking liver cirrhosis or progressive enlargement fatty liver condition.

Sleep disturbance triggers inflammatory reactions that again cause oxidative stress is unhealthy for Liver. Prolonged stress and increased psychological distress causes damage to the Liver.

More than 77 classical siddha medicines for treating liver diseases like Karisaalai, Kuppaimenikarkam, Arithiraathi chooranam and Kadukkai Kayakalpa was mentioned in Siddhar palmleaf manuscripts and published in Siddha Materia medica by Directorate of Indian Medicine, Government of Tamilnadu. We treat liver diseases with detoxification therapy and thereafter with a unique combination of siddha medicines (hepato-protective herbominerals) along with specific diet regimen.

The therapeutic principles of liver diseases by Siddha medicines have earlier been published by National Health Portal of Indian Government. The effectiveness of siddha medicines are proven as pharmacologically hepatoprotective in treating serious liver conditions in the past 40 years. Along with siddha clinical assessment, Complete Hematology, LFT-liver function test, RTPCR quantitative were observed before and after treatment.

The treatment time period may vary with severity range from three to nine months. Our treatment helps to stopover further damage of liver tissues and gradually regenerate the liver cells. Siddha treatment holds up a total promise in successful management of challenging chronic hepatitis or liver diseases. Siddha medicines in many cases cures the problem from its root cause and ensure no reoccurrence in future, provided one should follow the right pattern of diet, regular exercise and defined lifestyle. Adopt a good lifestyle, follow proper eating habits within spell and maintain timely sleep will reduce burden to the liver.