Transforming the world with traditional wisdom…
AGATHIYAR HOSPITAL offers time tested evidence-based treatments based on the concepts of SIDDHA MEDICINE, VARMAM, CHINESE ACUPUNCTURE, NATUROPATHY & YOGA along with modern diagnostic tools. Agathiyar Hospital is committed to recreate the wonders of siddha medicine to the contemporary world and we stand different from others in approach towards the life-style oriented health problems faced today. Not only Indians, but also people from the western countries are also accepting natural therapy.

The heavy side effects of allopathic and other western treatments, make the people to move their sides onto the traditional medicines. These days, Siddha medicines have become the major trends of the time. We provide an integrated approach by combining siddha medicines, varmam therapy, acupuncture and yoga therapy in treating there said incurable diseases like Hepatitis, cancer, psoriasis, HIV-AIDS, migraine, asthma, neurological diseases, autoimmune disorders, megham (venereal) and dermatological cases. Siddha Medicine eradicates the root cause for the disease, provides complete relief and also prevents recurrence.

AGATHIYAR HOSPITAL offers one of the most sophisticated therapeutic concepts of classical approach integrated modern concept that support each other in their effects. Traditional SIDDHA Medicine views Health as a state of being in which body, mind and spirit interact harmoniously, in balance of three dhosham namely VATHAM, PITTHAM & KABHAM. Also the core concept in Traditional Chinese Medicine stresses the concept of balance in healing. Qi (energy), a biological force inside the body regulates the function of the vital organs. 

Siddha medicine is all about strengthening the vital organs by cleansing the body system. Our main aim of treatment is to reinforce the body immune system and assure a healthy life to mankind. Our treatment includes Siddha-herbal medicines, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Varmam massage therapies as well as therapeutic yogasana, dietary advice to bring about healing and Lifestyle modification guides.

Pre medication: cleansing treatments are primarily adopted to restore the varied dhosham.
 VAANTHI: Induced vomit with herbs to balance PITTHA Dhosham.
 VIRECHANAM: Purgation with herbs mostly to balance VATHA Dhosham.
 NASIYAM: Nasal application to balance KAPHA Dhosham.
 KALIKKAM or ANJANAM: eye drops or ophthalmic application to balance KAPHA Dhosham.

Medication: The 64 medication or therapies expertly utilize the Siddha knowledge of healing
mechanisms and harnessing the auto healing regenerative potential of the body. The curative
treatment methodology comes under two major categories,
 32 Agamarundhu (Internal medication or medicine).
 32 Puramarundhu (External medication) Therapies such as Varmam treatment, Thokkanam, Thadaval (in Tamil, Thadavu means to rub down and medicated oils are applied on the person).

Preventive Medicine: After an ailments is cured, it is important to stop the disease recurrence. Preventive aspect is also very much stressed in all Siddha literature. Siddha also gives importance to beauty, wellness and longevity with thousands of herbal remedies to promote these aspects. Body and mind should be fresh and free from immoral thoughts and deeds.


Siddha traditions believe that there is a direct relation between the food that we eat and the health that we experience and so we advise patients to follow a harmonious balanced diet and to stay away from alcohol and tobacco smoking during the period of medication.

There is wide spread belief amongst Indians and allopath doctors that the use of siddha medicines are unsafe and cause heavy metal toxicity leads to liver and kidney failures. Medicines prepared in proper and perfect manner are sure to be efficacious and free from side effects. Metals are first purified and blended with herbal juices specified in the texts, they change their nature from metallic to organo-metallic complex which is then subjected to many pudams (intense temperature), which not only removes their metallic nature but will change them to a state which is adaptable to the human body without side effects.

Starting from raw materials (procuring in right season and appropriate place) to the finished product, we strictly adhere to the siddha parameters along with latest laboratory standards. The safety profile starts from standard purification method to nullify the toxic effect and make it in a safer form. Thereafter processing according to the literature, convert them to most absorbable form for internal administration and assimilation without any side effect.

Now a day, all finished siddha medicine were investigated as per W.H.O guidelines in modern laboratories and then only given to patients. Thus this time tested medicines are safe moreover has high efficacy does not produce any complication which could be witnessed in blood investigations after months. However siddha system pays more importance to the beneficial effect on kidney protective, hepato-protective and hepatic cell regenerator.
Note: Please avoid any sort of self-medication and always consult a Siddha Doctor before taking any Siddha medicine.

The analogy: If there are one hundred metallo-minerals combination in Ayurveda to cure a disease, Siddhars just formulated one medicine to elicit 100 diseases. The use of single medicine for 180 different diseases are designed by Siddhars and many formulations have the shell life of more than 500 years. The Tridhosham theory and nomenclature of the diseases in the two systems may seem similar but differs a lot in utility.